How ProLeads Works

Pre-qualified leads for exhibitors at trade shows

If you've ever been to a trade show exhibiting, then you know how hard it is to meet the right people. You also probably know how difficult it is to be able to measure your ROA - your Return On Attendance. Well, that is exactly the problem that we at ProLeads solve.

ProLeads is a platform that delivers pre-qualified leads to exhibitors at trade shows. Our technology streamlines thousands of data points about each attendee and delivers the best business opportunities to each exhibitor. ProLeads examines each attendee's information and business interests and matches to your business offering - fully automated. Most importantly, ProLeads ensures all matches are mutually beneficial in order to attract them to your booth, and empower your sales strategy.

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ProLeads - Increasing your sales conversions

What our clients say

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The meetings I had were really high quality. One meeting would have taken me 6 months to schedule without using ProLeads.
Jonas Berger, O’LEARYS Eventcenter


I got my best meetings through your service!

Nico Nauta, East Sweden CVB

Finally! We've been waiting for this type of service for a long time. Exhibitions can be such a waste of time, but when we can use ProLeads it makes it worth both the time and money spent.
Anette Vesterlund, SJ Group Travel

The Power of ProLeads for Exhibitors

Access to prospect information

ProLeads makes actionable attendee information accessible to exhibitors at the time it matters most. That means two things: being able to see your best business opportunities at the trade show and request meetings on the spot, as well as having access to information that can empower you to improve your sales strategy.

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Perfect Matches

Meet high quality leads face-to-face

Having an attractive booth is important and will likely attract many people, but it will not necessarily attract the best prospects and much of your time will be wasted talking to "swag collectors". Connections created by ProLeads will ensure you spend more time with high quality leads at your booth. ProLeads can find those needles in a haystack, even before the event has started.

Successful follow-ups

After the trade show is over, the follow-up phase is just as important. ProLeads allow you to export all the data about your qualified prospects to your CRM system and work towards closing the deal.

Export to your CRM system

Benefits for Organizers

Join the ProLeads Partner Program

Modernize Your Trade Show

The trade show industry has remained almost the same for over 50 years. It is time for that to change. Offer ProLeads to your exhibitors and you will guarantee a success for them, and thus get them to come back to exhibit at your next trade show.

Increased revenue

Increased Revenue

Other event technology companies cut into your revenue, ProLeads increases it instead. By joining our Partner Program, you will get a revenue share on each exhibitor that uses ProLeads at your show.

Seamless Integration

Do you have your own registration system? Are you using a third party tool? Do you have your own event app? No problem, ProLeads offer multiple ways for seamless integration. Everything from a simple Excel/CSV import to full integration through our API

Let your attendees access ProLeads through whatever channel you want, co-branded with your brand, for an easy to use solution.

Seamless integration

Event app developers! You're welcome

Integrate the best match making technology straight into your own app

Offer the solution your customers want

By integrating ProLeads into your event app, you help your customer (the organizer) to provide a better experience for all attendees at the trade show.


Save Time & Money

Offer the market leading solution for match making and meeting scheduling between attendees and exhibitors as well as with attendees themselves.


ProLeads offer an easy to use API with extensive documentation.

Restful API
Android and iOS SDK

iOS/Android SDK

ProLeads is currently developing an SDK for iOS and Android to provide a plug-n-play solution for your event app when you want to integrate our service and offer it to your customer. Contact us if you want early access.

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