Lead Qualification
for Enterprise Sales.

Bridging the gap between marketing and sales with an automated best practice sales development process.

Take control of your sales process.
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Leverage your company's social graph to close your next sales deal and create a predictable revenue stream through a proven sales development process.

Only 25% of leads are sales ready. ProLeads will ensure you pick the right 25%!

How ProLeads Works

Lead Qualification for Enterprise Sales

If you have ever tried to sell something, you know how important it is to have the right information about the right contacts. And how do you know who your next customer is? Well, that would no longer be a problem if you would be using ProLeads.

ProLeads is a big data platform for lead qualification in enterprise sales. The platform analyses people based on their email and qualifies them using machine learning algorithms around public and private information about the company and person.

In enterprise sales today 75% of sales costs is spent trying to sell to the wrong people at the wrong companies. Many organizations today are trying to overcome this by using Sales Development Reps. Their job is purely to qualify leads for the sales people. This process is exactly what ProLeads has made automatic.

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